Courses and Workshops


Stewardship and Culture” online course

     Betsy Schwarzentraub teaches a yearly online course called “Stewardship and Culture.” The course assists participants to engage and critique the society and church culture in which they live. Students will: assess Western assumptions about achievement; examine consumerism to help shatter the myth of more; review the influence of marketing and technology; and strengthen a culture of generosity in their congregation.

     Here is a video introducing the content of the course

For more information and to register, go to


“Afire With God”

Annual Financial Commitment Programs

Biblical Stewardship retreat

Building a Strategic Plan for Generosity

Connectional Giving

Creating a Climate for Generous Giving

Designing the Local Church Budget

Developing a Three-Year Local Church Stewardship Plan

Dimensions of Stewardship

Drawing the ENOUGH Line (money, possessions and lifestyle)

Encouraging Connectional Giving For Our Shared Ministries

“Extravagant Generosity: The Heart of Giving”

Funding Outside the Box

Funding the Church

Generational and Post-Modern Stewardship

Grace-Full Giving: Annual Financial Commitment Programs

Growing Generosity in Real-Sized Congregations (smaller churches)

Growing Generosity in Your Church

Growing Generous Hearts: Year-Round Stewardship

Growing Stewards in the Local Church

“Holy Smoke!” First fruits Living

Money and More: Creating a Culture of Generosity in Changing Economic Times

Money, Values and Discipleship

More than Money

Moving Toward Simpler Living

Nine Ways to Make a Planned Gift to Last Forever

Not to Own But to Share (biblical stewardship)

Planning a Culture of Generosity

Preparing for a Capital Campaign

Setting Up a Local Church Endowment Fund

Spirited Stewardship

“Spirit Gifts” Retreat

Stewardship: A Way of Life

Stewardship for Mission

Teamwork, Time and Talent

Three “L” Academy: Learning, Living and Leading Stewardship

What’s GOD Got to Do With It? (biblical stewardship)

Why Endowments?


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