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Empowering Christians to become grateful, generous stewards of God’s grace

Stewardship and Generosity

Rev. Dr. Betsy Schwarzentraub is an award-winning stewardship educator, and author of Afire With God: Becoming Spirited Stewards, as well as the 2012-2016 United Methodist Guideline, Stewardship: Nurturing Generous Living. Currently she is working on a new book, Growing a Generous Soul: Shaping Our Lives as Stewards of God’s Grace.

An ordained minister in the California-Nevada Conference since the 1970s, Betsy has been a pastor, generosity consultant, and has represented the United Methodist Church among stewardship professionals across North America. She was the Conference Director of Stewardship for the CA-NV United Methodist Foundation for ten years, and is now their Stewardship Consultant. Before retiring she served as Director of Stewardship for the General Board of Discipleship of The United Methodist Church.

She is a member of the Resource Editorial Board for the Ecumenical Stewardship Center, part of their online faculty, and has served on their Board of Directors. She has been active in the National Association of United Methodist Foundations, and a nationwide consultant and speaker.


Betsy is the author of the 2012-2016 United Methodist Guidelines book, Stewardship:  Nurturing Generous Living, and also of Afire with God:  Becoming Spirited Stewards.

Stewardship book w_amazon

Growing faithful stewards in your church doesn’t have to be Mission Impossible. Stewardship: Nurturing Generous Living gives leaders practical, measurable steps to build a culture of generosity and a stewardship plan for your church. This booklet identifies essential elements, the pastor’s role, a context for financial giving, and help guiding and implementing a congregation’s stewardship ministry. This book was one of the twenty-six United Methodist Guidelines that cover multiple church leadership areas.


Afire with God Book w_amazonStewardship is a dirty word in most churches. Pastors speak about it knowing they must preach for heart change, while many of their members sit uncomfortably through the “It’s-that-time-again” sermons and appeals.

Afire with God: Becoming Spirited Stewards urges readers to become joyful  stewards-in-action of all that God has entrusted to us. “Spirited stewardship” includes but also goes beyond financial giving, to all the ways we live out the Good News. This book is loaded with ideas to reinvigorate stewardship and encourage individuals and congregations in generous-hearted living.


April, 2016 Author’s Chat with Betsy Schwarzentraub

Betsy Cares About . . .

Video introduction to Betsy’s online “Stewardship and Culture” course


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