What People Are Saying

About Betsy’s Workshops:

“Betsy knows her stuff. A wealth of information, energy and knowledge of resources.”

“I especially appreciated the material covering stewardship teams and how to plan stewardship campaigns.”

“Idea of a year-round Generosity Team to highlight generous giving as discipleship.”

“Ways to track growth for vibrant / faithful stewards, maturing as a congregation, stewardship of the church’s full ministry.”

“Helpful! Many creative and positive ideas.”

“Very well-presented and organized, with many things to take back to my church. Ideas that stand out:
1)  Revive testimony – why give, what the church does for me, etc.
2)  Focus on individuals and their relationship to God.
3)  Importance of pastor regarding planned giving.
4)  Talk more openly about money.”

“I learned about how to stimulate generosity through a system of: Ask – Thank – Tell”

“Emphasis on growth in relationship to God through giving of what God has given.”

“Reckoning with cultural / consumer assumptions.”

“Possibility of building budget out of program, not “cut and slash” economics.”

“Emphasize giving the first and the best. Reorganize our church priorities. Affirm our people in all they do and provide.”

“Excellent learning event! Offering our full selves to God.”

“I learned Share-Save-Spend as a new concept when presented in this order.”

“Betsy helped us focus on the importance of joyful giving as an act of worship & praise.”

“Out of this experience, I’d like to remind others how giving is worship.”

“I appreciated the wealth of resources shared, the enthusiasm of the presenter, the ideas, shared experiences, and comments of others in the class.”

“I got the greatest meaning and encouragement out of passing on the excitement for sharing our love for God through stewardship.”

“Out of this experience, I’d like to work on my personal goals – Rethink my thinking –
Ask God to change my heart.”

About Betsy’s Writing:

          “I found it open, warm and inviting … You get disciples instead of bill payers. … I highly recommend it to every church leader who is tired of the same old ways of doing stewardship and is ready to move into a culture of being stewards.”

“Her dynamic dimensions of God in action strike at the very heart of the Christian’s stewardship journey. Afire With God appeals to readers across faith traditions and orders of ministry.”

          “This stuff on koinonia is excellent! … Betsy is a very good writer. I find it easy to move along with the flow of the manuscript. … The book has solid theological grounding in line with the theological position we espouse. I would be pleased to urge its reading.”

“This book (Afire With God) is full of excellent stewardship theology followed by practical concrete exercises. It would be an excellent resource for your library and stewardship educational group.”

          “Ms. Schwarzentraub knows her subject. The book is fluid – moving from theology to application, to lists of resources with great ease. Her ecumenical range fills her writing and helps stewardship and finance committees everywhere.”

“For me, Afire With God provides a much broader and richer understanding of stewardship. It is well-documented and insightful. It brings together the thoughts of many leading church leaders who are looking at the future of the church. … The reader is challenged to broaden his/her thinking and to imagine the many ways God has gifted us to be in ministry using our many talents. A wonderful resource for church committees and in a retreat setting!”

          “Blending fresh insights with basic descriptive theology, she sets Christian stewardship in a fresh context. Her work is timely, current, and helpful for the individual Christian and for the church. Thoughtful descriptions are blended with helpful suggestions, and all of it is well researched and scripturally grounded.”

Afire With God is an influential stewardship tool for the time we live in now. I was rituals and traditions. I want to fully live out my calling and stewardship / giving experience with God. Author Schwarzentraub offers advice, models, and moreover, a sincere understanding of the problems which keep so many from living fulfilled lives as steward disciples of Jesus Christ and His teachings.”


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