Narrative Budget Twin Towers 2008


TWIN TOWERS [XXX] CHURCH: How Our Tithes and Offerings Are Used to Make a Difference 

Twin Towers [XXX] Church budget for 2008 is $237,744.  That equals $4572 per week.  In addition, we give to other ministries not included in the budget.  We have identified four categories that briefly describe our church activities and ministries.  Expenses for pastor, administration, program, building and other personnel are interwoven into the four areas that represent who we are and what we do as a church.

Worship and Spiritual Growth                                                            $94,723  (40%)

Your support provides:

Worship on Sundays.  Preaching.  Excellent music.  Loving Christian Education for children, youth, and adults.  Literature for Christian Education.  Bible study classes.  Dedicated choir and bell choir. [women’s] programs.  United Methodist Men’s ministry.  Special seasonal worship.  Facilities for church and community use.  Special spiritual growth opportunities.

Fellowship and Membership Care                                                      $112, 360  (48%)

Your support provides:                                                                                                          

Pastoral visitation, counseling, crisis intervention, hospital visitation, weddings, funerals, administrative oversight of committees that shape the ministry of [this church].  Caring visits by lay people.  Loving childcare during worship and other occasions.  After worship fellowship.  Special functions for fund raising and fellowship including the annual rummage sale and Last Blast of Summer.  Upgrade and maintenance of the church building.  Monthly church newsletter.                                                                

Community Outreach                                                                           $20,441  (9%)

Your support provides:                                                                                                        

Outreach programs into the community such as interfaith cooperation, pastoral care and crisis counseling beyond this congregation, ministry to the women’s shelter, Volunteers In Mission programs, building use by outside organizations and faith communities, Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity, Heifer Project, ministerial education, newspaper ads, special offerings for victims of disasters

Our Connection                                                                                   $10,220  (4%)

Your support provides:                                                                                                                

[Our denomination] is a “connectional” church, organized and working together at all levels: international, national, state, district and local.  This area of our budget represents our participation in this total effort.  Missionary support. Disaster relief.  Women and children issues.  Health and welfare ministries.  Pastor and lay participation in Annual Conference and District meetings.

Where the money comes from. . .                                                                                        

During this current year about 63% of the funds which keep Twin Towers United Methodist Church in ministry will come from 62 households who pledged a total of $144,480 this year.  Other sources of income include non-pledged giving, building use fees, and fundraisers.



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