“Open Hands” and Design Group International


Giving wordle Edina MN ELCAMark L. Vincent, lead partner in Design Group International, has continued to offer leaders in our different denominations some outstanding resources for growing generous stewards.

One of the latest is “Open Hands Open Hearts,” a private web site for congregations from the Chicago Synod of the ELCA (Evangelical Church of America). It provides some of the resources for the Design Group’s six-year engagement with the synod, to help local church leaders there create and implement intentional plans to strengthen holistic stewardship in their congregations.

The six areas in which they work are: worship; formation (Christian education and discipleship); caregiving (acts of generosity within the local church); outreach (generous acts of justice and mission outside the congregation); leadership; and operations (how the local church invites, receives, supports and uses the assets given to them). Knowing these dimensions, in itself, can guide us all as we consider and form intentional Generosity Plans in our own congregations.

Design Group International works ecumenically with church leaders across the U.S. and Canada. Its consultants come from various denominational backgrounds. When it comes to growing generous-hearted stewards of the gospel, there is so much that we have in common across our denominational families.

The Design Group also has a number of resources directly available on their web site, at http://www.designgroupinternational.com. Check them out!

Your partner in ministry,

Betsy Schwarzentraub


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