Scarcity and Outreach


Now that enough rain has come to fill up our half-acre pond, more Canada Geese have joined the eleven that have waited here through the fall months of drought. The geese are wild, but those who have been with us the longest recognize my call before I throw out the scratch. They start venturing up the hill, to wait for when we have gone back into the house.

But today with all the newcomHank Eclipse ducks pond 5 10ers, they’re too busy warding off the strangers to take advantage of the food. Stuck in scarcity thinking, they don’t know I put out enough scratch to cover them all. Just like people who don’t trust they’ll have enough if they let someone else come to the table. Like the geese, they raise a big ruckus, and nobody gets to eat.

Scarcity thinking and outreach don’t go together. If we don’t trust God’s provision, none of us gets to enjoy the blessings.

Your partner in ministry,

Betsy Schwarzentraub

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