Stretching the Mind


One of the joys in life for me is learning from The Teaching Company ( The folks at The Teaching Company provide scores of college-level courses in audio and video formats in a mind-expBooks ancientanding range of subjects, taught by professors from all over the world who have been awarded for their teaching style. My brother told my sister about it, and my sister told me. I began picking up courses and listening to them in the car back in the old audio-cassette days, and have continued to benefit from their CDs and DVDs. Now they also offer audio- and video-streaming.

Rabelais, the great seventeenth century thinker, says to follow your passion. So for me it all started with augmenting my seminary training with Bible and religion courses from more angles than any single seminary can offer. Then I branched out into the history of music, the symphony, and specific composers. Next came periods of history and a range of subjects that evoke my wonder and awe: the Solar System and universe, quantum physics and geology, great literature and meditation. Then I chose some courses I had missed out on during college. This past year I’ve taken in several great philosophy courses, as part of research for my next book, Growing a Generous Soul.

Continued learning is a great thing – not for packing in more information or even just for keeping your brain nimble, but for acquiring a wider context, expanded understanding, and deeper wisdom. Learning doesn’t have to end with schooling. It can be just the beginning.

Your partner in ministry,

Betsy Schwarzentraub


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