ESC Resources


I was excited this week to meet with the Resource Editorial Team for the Ecumenical ESC logoStewardship Center (ESC), which provides outstanding materials for cultivating stewardship and generosity in the local church. As a pastor and then as a consultant over the years, I’ve used almost all of their material resources for annual financial commitment programs and have appreciated the substantive articles on year-round stewardship education.

The Ecumenical Stewardship Center has 19 denominational partners from the U.S. and Canada and sponsors at least two major events each year for stewardship leaders. Attending their events, I’ve gained hugely from the richness of Christian approaches from kindred participants as well as the presenters. They include Canadians and Americans, from Disciples of Christ and Church of the Brethren to American Baptist, from United Methodist to Reformed and Evangelical Lutheran, from Mennonite and Moravian to Presbyterian and United Church of Canada.

Every year ESC puts out an issue of “Giving: Growing Joyful Stewards in Your Congregation” with a center section that is a complete leader’s guide for an annual financial commitment program. They also create companion resources (bulletin inserts, etc.) and yearly theme materials. It’s an honor to be able to join the half dozen folks who serve on the editorial team to design the materials. But even before that, I’m grateful for ESC and the wisdom of churches that use them.

Your partner in ministry,

Betsy Schwarzentraub



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