Some Songs with Stewardship Themes in Worship & Song


3011    All My Days – Verse 3 God’s gift of time
3120    Amazing Abundance – Stewards of God’s love for all the nations
3002    Blessed Be Your Name – Thanks for God’s blessing in times of scarcity or abundance
3157    Come, Let Us Dream – Participating in God’s work
3174    Christ, We Are Blest – Verse 4 sharing with others the love we receive from God; sent out as Christ’s Body
3115    Covenant Prayer – Living for God; stewardship as participating in God’s work
3018    Creation Sings – Participating in God’s work; the gift of creation
3030    Eternal God Transcending Time – The gift of time and our stewardship of it
3033    God of Great and God of Small – God’s gifts of creation and life
3124    How Shall I Come Before the Lord – Living our lives as an offering to God
3022    Peace of Our Praying – God is the gift we give, the way we walk, the life we live
3129    Touch the Earth Lightly – Care for the earth and all creation
3048    View the Present through the Promise – Verses 2 & 3 patterning our lives after Christ
3073    We Walk His Way – Participating in Christ’s work


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