Generosity – “O” for Outreach


When we seek to spell out “Generosity” with our lives, the “O” can stand for outreach: reaching out to others with Jesus’ quality of compassion and care.

The point of outreach is not to bring people “into” the church, but to help them “be” the church, part of the Body of Christ, wherever they are. When we give expression to God’s generous love, each in our unique way, we help all of us connect more authentically with God, with ourselves, and with others. People may find or nourish a faith community that helps them in this process, whether it’s in our congregation, in a Bible study or other small group, in a base community, or in a gathering of neighbors who share God-initiated values. Whenever this happens, we nurture and strengthen one another, trusting God more and growing in our discipleship.

What’s essential about outreach is not to be gathered into an organization, but to be moving out into a wider faith community of real people who walk alongside us (past, present, future, and geographically, as well). As we reach out to one another, we also reach more deeply into our faith, in a mutual dance with one another and with our gracious, ever-moving God.

Your partner in ministry,
Betsy Schwarzentraub


Written 6/2013 for Foothills UMC, Rescue, CA